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Join Deep Desert Expeditions for our Fully Outfitted Camping Trip.

A family friendly desert camping trip!


We supply everything you’ll need for a unique desert experience, from all the gear to the guide: tents, tables and chairs, full kitchen, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and food and water–even firewood for a campfire!  


We can bring you to a developed campground where you’ll find running water and bathrooms, to primitive campgrounds that have pit toilets, or to dispersed sites where we’ll supply a portable toilet. 


Here’s where you’ll see how talented our guides are as they function also as camp chefs. Be ready for some healthy and delicious freshly cooked meals as you learn about camping and about the desert around you!

Please note: our camping gear is NOT available for rent.

Two night camping trip with guided hike: $1525 for two

 $250 for each additional camper! 

CALL or MESSAGE to book your trip

(435) 259-1565

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