Join Deep Desert Expeditions and choose one of our private Guided Hiking Tours, 

completely customizable to your trip.


Options include visiting remote arches, dinosaur tracks or “rock art” panels; we can accommodate all ages and abilities.

No matter where you choose to go, your trip will educate and entertain you while you view some of the most incredible and unusual scenery on the planet.


Popular half-day hikes

Hidden Valley, Tower Arch, Grandstaff Canyon, Longbow Arch or any number of other custom journeys.

Our half day tours are 4 to 5 hours long.


Options include an Arches tour, Chesler Park or Horseshoe Canyon of Canyonlands National Park

or customize your own off-the-beaten-track trek to expansive views, cool desert water holes, and a variety of topography that’s unique to this incredible part of the planet.  Let Deep Desert Expeditions educate and entertain you while you visit places you might otherwise miss! 

Let Deep Desert Expeditions educate and entertain you while you visit places you might otherwise miss! 

Our full day tours are 8 or so hours long.

$300 for first two hikers
$100 per each additional hiker

$500 for first two hikers

$150 per each additional hiker


Contact us for half-day or full-day expeditions to locations not specifically noted here!


All hikers in the deep desert should have adequate water, shoes, and a hat for your safety and enjoyment!  In the heat of the summer plan on a minimum of one gallon/four liters of water per person per day!!! It’s also a good idea to know where you’re going, have a map, and to tell someone where you plan on being and when you plan to return.  Please pay attention to the weather as well–flash floods and lightening are frequent deadly visitors!

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